A cut paper artist I use a scalpel to cut imagery, usually animals, into paper by hand. I also like to explore how to use them in conjunction with other artforms




In 2021 I was invited by James Cropper PLC to create an art piece using their Rydal Packaging Collection, to create something beautiful related to Rydal/Rydal Water.

This collaboration has thoroughly inspired me. Rydal water is one of my favourite places to walk so to be asked to create a piece based on Rydal water using Rydal paper felt like a lovely project to do. I often only cut with 1 layer – usually cutting white paper and backing with black – but to showcase both the black and white paper I decided on a composition that would utilise both papers. Possibly something I may start doing in my practice, in fact there is another Rydal image that I may cut in the same way.

Final piece.jpg


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