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  I am a cut paper artist currently living in Kendal and my works usually depict animals. I grew up on a farm in Cumbria; this has had a considerable influence on my work. I have always had a passion for animals and found pleasure in drawing them. During my college course in 2010 I was introduced to the art of paper cutting when shown the work of Peter Callesen and did go on to use some paper cutting in my final show piece. However, it wasn’t until my final year at university in 2013 that I started to use paper cutting as the sole basis of my art. Since then, my practice has revolved around cutting paper from intricate cuts to exploring other art forms that I can use in conjunction with them and my preferred theme of animals is still as strong.

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Association of Animal Artists

I have been a member of the AAA since February 2019. This group organises exhibitions twice a year and is very active in raising money for their Charity of the year, both of which I get involved with.

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The Guild of American Papercutters

I have been a member of GAP since June 2021. I am an active member of the Guild of American Papercutters, timezone permitting, I attend their monthly zoom crafty hour, attend workshops and contribute to the 'First Cut' newsletter.

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