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Whinfell School and Comic Fest

Last month I ran a couple of papercutting workshops at Whinfell School, showing the boys how to handle the craft knife safely and how to use it to cut shapes out of paper to create an image.

It wasn't just a learning curve for them but for me also having never run a workshop before. I feel the workshops went well and feedback from their teacher was:

"The boys are genuinely so impressed."

I enjoyed running the workshops and I was inspired by the boys own designs and decided, with their permission, to create a piece to go up with theirs in the Lakes International Comic Art Festival window trail.

I think the most memorable quote from the experience will be

"mentally amazed!"

Exclaimed by one of the boys when I went in to help them with their designs and showed them my work in progress.

All of our finished papercuts can be seen on display in the windows of Charlie's Cafe Bar in Kendal.
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